Ekahau Predictive Site Survey

Predictive site survey with Ekahau

Optimizing WLAN with Ekahau Predictive Site Survey What is Ekahau Predictive Site Survey? Ekahau’s Predictive Site Survey is a powerful tool that allows network engineers to simulate and test network configurations before deployment1. It uses building floor plans and information about wall materials, obstructions, and environmental variables to predict Wi-Fi coverage and performance1. This tool[…]

Ekahau video training

Ekahau video training

The Ekahau Quick Start On-Demand training course is designed to take you through all of the basic workflows that you need to know to design networks, perform site surveys, and perform troubleshooting with spectrum analysis. This course consists of 3 major chapters: design, survey, and spectrum analysis. Here is a detailed overview of the course[…]

Optimal Wi-Fi Performance with Ekahau FAQ

Unlocking Optimal Wi-Fi Performance with Ekahau Site Surveys: Your Definitive FAQ Guide Navigating the complex world of wireless networks can be a headache, especially when ensuring seamless Wi-Fi performance for your business or organization. That’s where Ekahau site surveys come in, offering powerful tools and expert guidance to optimize your network for maximum coverage, speed,[…]

Ekahau demo Luxembourg

Ekahau free Demo in Luxembourg

Ekahau free Demo in Luxembourg Ekahau, a global leader in enterprise wireless network design and troubleshooting, is offering a live demo to customers in Luxembourg. This live demo is a chance for customers to experience firsthand the power and potential of Ekahau’s solutions. It provides a deep dive into how Ekahau’s products can enhance WIFI[…]

Wireless services Luxembourg

Maximizing Wireless Connectivity with Ekahau

In the ever-evolving realm of wireless technology, conducting a WLAN survey is paramount to ensure optimal connectivity. This blog post delves into the significance of leveraging Ekahau for a thorough WLAN survey, exploring the benefits and best practices for seamless implementation. Why Conduct a WLAN Survey? Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) surveys are instrumental in[…]