Ekahau video training

The Ekahau Quick Start On-Demand training course is designed to take you through all of the basic workflows that you need to know to design networks, perform site surveys, and perform troubleshooting with spectrum analysis. This course consists of 3 major chapters: design, survey, and spectrum analysis. Here is a detailed overview of the course content:

  • Chapter 1: Design
    • Importing Maps and Drawing Walls
    • Importing CAD Files
    • Calibrating Walls and Materials
    • Defining Coverage Requirements
    • Creating Requirement Areas
    • Designing to Meet Requirements
    • Planning Network Capacity
    • Planning on Multiple Floors
  • Chapter 2: Survey
    • Performing a Site Survey
    • Configuring Wi-Fi Adapters
    • Configuring Survey Settings
    • Surveying with Ekahau Sidekick
    • Surveying with Ekahau Pro
    • Surveying with Ekahau Mobile Survey
  • Chapter 3: Spectrum Analysis
    • Spectrum Analysis Overview
    • Spectrum Analysis Configuration
    • Spectrum Analysis Visualization
    • Spectrum Analysis Troubleshooting

The course is self-paced and takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete. If you’re interested in taking the course, you can purchase from ITNET.

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