WLAN Site Survey
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WiFi site survey for optimal performance from day one

WIFI site survey is required in order to deliver optimal design and meet the customer scope. Here are the site survey types:

  • Predictive site survey: simulate RF environment without a site visit. Ekahau Site Survey Software can be used to calculate the number of AP and the AP floor placement.
  • Pre-deployment site survey: on-site visit is required in order to measure the RF. This allows the engineer to verify that AP can be installed in a location that provides maximum coverage with the optimal signal strength and minimum interferences.
  • Post-deployment site survey: the purpose is to validate and ensure the wireless network deployed meets customer requirements. an on-site visit is required in order to mimic multiple clients.
ITNET will perform a professional site survey in order to deliver optimal WIFI design from day one to your business in Luxembourg.
WLAN Site Survey