Ekahau video training

Ekahau video training

The Ekahau Quick Start On-Demand training course is designed to take you through all of the basic workflows that you need to know to design networks, perform site surveys, and perform troubleshooting with spectrum analysis. This course consists of 3 major chapters: design, survey, and spectrum analysis. Here is a detailed overview of the course[…]

Ekahau ECSE formation online: RF fundamentals Predictive designs Optimizing Wi-Fi networks Capturing and analyzing survey data Spectrum analysis Design across all three bands, 6 GHz

Ekahau ECSE formation online: Principes fondamentaux de la RF & Optimisation du Wi-Fi

Les fondamentaux du RF pour les réseaux Wi-Fi : Conception prédictive pour les réseaux Wi-Fi  Optimisation des réseaux Wi-Fi  Maîtrisez le Wi-Fi avec Ekahau ECSE : Formation en ligne pour des réseaux sans fil performants grâce à des fondamentaux RF, des conceptions prédictives, une optimisation avancée et une analyse de données de sondage complète, y[…]

ECSE training certificate certification exam online

ECSE certification training online

Ekahau Training Online: ECSE Certification in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Germany Are you looking for a comprehensive online training program to become an Ekahau Certified Solutions Engineer (ECSE)? Look no further than Ekahau University! Our world-renowned ECSE Training and Certification programs help you design, deploy, and troubleshoot better Wi-Fi. Why Choose Ekahau University? Our[…]