Unlocking Optimal Wi-Fi Performance with Ekahau Site Surveys: Your Definitive FAQ Guide

Navigating the complex world of wireless networks can be a headache, especially when ensuring seamless Wi-Fi performance for your business or organization. That’s where Ekahau site surveys come in, offering powerful tools and expert guidance to optimize your network for maximum coverage, speed, and reliability. But before diving into the different types of surveys, let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions:

1. What is an Ekahau site survey?

An Ekahau site survey is a comprehensive assessment of your wireless environment conducted using specialised software and hardware (like the Ekahau Sidekick 2) by trained professionals. It analyses factors like signal strength, interference, coverage area, and potential issues to create a customised plan for optimal Wi-Fi performance.

2. What types of Ekahau surveys are there?

Ekahau caters to various network needs with three main survey types:

  • Pre-deployment surveys: These proactive assessments map your environment, analysing potential interference and predicting optimal access point (AP) placement before you even install your network. Think of it as your Wi-Fi blueprint for a trouble-free launch.

  • Validation surveys: Once your network is up and running, validation surveys verify the effectiveness of your pre-deployment plan. It’s like double-checking your Wi-Fi recipe to ensure everything is working as intended.

  • Post-deployment surveys: These ongoing health checks monitor your network over time, proactively identifying issues like interference, coverage gaps, and capacity bottlenecks before they disrupt your workflow. Think of it as preventative Wi-Fi maintenance for a thriving network.

3. Which Ekahau survey is right for me?

Choosing the right survey depends on your specific Wi-Fi goals:

  • Pre-deployment: Ideal for new installations, network expansions, or renovations.

  • Validation: Perfect for confirming your pre-deployment plan’s accuracy and ensuring a smooth network launch.

  • Post-deployment: Essential for maintaining optimal performance, preventing problems, and maximizing your Wi-Fi investment.

4. What additional Ekahau survey options are available?

Beyond the main types, Ekahau offers specialized surveys for targeted needs:

  • Spectrum analysis: Identifies and pinpoints sources of Wi-Fi interference, like rogue APs or competing networks.

  • Troubleshooting surveys: Diagnose specific Wi-Fi issues like connectivity drops, slow speeds, or dead zones.

  • Health check surveys: Regularly monitor key metrics like signal strength, channel utilisation, and client connectivity.

5. What about Ekahau’s survey tools?

Ekahau provides powerful software and hardware to complement your surveys:

  • Ekahau AI Pro: Comprehensive software for planning, conducting, and analysing surveys.

  • Ekahau Sidekick 2: Portable Wi-Fi analyser for data collection during surveys.

  • Ekahau Survey mobile app: Convenient app for conducting surveys on your iPad or iPhone.

6. Where can I learn more about Ekahau site surveys?

Ekahau’s website is a treasure trove of resources! Check out their comprehensive documentation, training courses (including Ekahau University for ECSE Design certification). Please check the training section.

7. What training is required to conduct Ekahau site surveys?

While basic experience with Wi-Fi networks is helpful, Ekahau offers a range of training options to equip you with the necessary skills. Their ECSE Certification programs cover everything from fundamentals to advanced troubleshooting, ensuring you master Ekahau tools and methodologies.

8. Who is the reseller of Ekahau in Luxembourg?

Ekahau has a network of authorised resellers worldwide. Please contact ITNET if want to know more about Ekahau in Luxembourg.

9. What is the FAQ about?

This FAQ is designed to answer your most pressing questions about Ekahau site surveys, training, and resources. We hope it provides a clear and concise overview to help you optimise your Wi-Fi performance for

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