post site survey ekahau
The required information to conduct a post-site survey using Ekahau Site Survey (ESS):
  1. Hardware Requirements:
    • Survey Laptop or Tablet: Use a laptop or tablet to run the Ekahau survey software. Make sure it has sufficient battery life and processing power.
    • Measuring Tools: Carry a measuring tape or laser distance meter to accurately measure distances for AP placement.
    • Floor Plan or Building Layout: Obtain a detailed floor plan or building layout to guide your survey.
    • Predictive Site Survey AP Placement: Verify that all APs are correctly located.
    • Touch Screen Pen: Use a touch screen pen compatible with the iPad.
    • Sidekick 2 (Ekahau Spectrum Analyzer): use Sidekick 2 or 1 for spectrum analysis during the survey.
    • Charged Devices: Ensure that all devices (laptop, tablet, iPad, Sidekick 2) are fully charged before starting the survey.
  2. Software Tools:
    • Ekahau Site Survey: Install ESS on your survey device (tablet). It offers features like predictive planning, active and passive surveys, and heatmap visualization.
    • Ekahau Capture (for iPad): If you’re using an iPad, consider Ekahau Capture. It allows you to perform active surveys and collect data directly on your iPad.
    • Project in the Cloud: Download the project to the cloud for easy access and collaboration.
  3. Survey Process:
    • Walk through the entire area, recording signal strength, interference sources, and anomalies.
    • Validate AP placement against the floor plan.
    • Document any issues or areas that need improvement.
    • Take photos when anomalies are detected.
Remember, post-site surveys are crucial for network verification and ongoing maintenance. For additional resources and detailed instructions.