April 21, 2024

Integrating APs into Architectural Design


Integrating APs into Architectural Design

In the modern era, where functionality meets design, integrating technology into architectural spaces has become an art form. WiFi Access Points (APs) are no exception. They are the silent workhorses of our connected world, but they need not be an eyesore. Let’s explore how we can blend these devices into our architectural designs seamlessly.

Understanding the Aesthetic Challenge

WiFi APs are essential for connectivity but are often designed with function over form. Architects and designers face the challenge of incorporating these devices without compromising the visual integrity of their spaces.

Recessed Ceiling Mounts

For a sleek and unobtrusive look, recessed ceiling mounts are ideal. They allow APs to sit flush with the ceiling, much like modern lighting fixtures. This solution is perfect for cloud and panel ceilings, as well as suspended ceilings, where the mount can be hidden within the ceiling grid.

Right-Angle Brackets and Mounts

When ceiling mounting is not convenient, right-angle brackets provide an alternative.

Custom Concealment Solutions

Sometimes, the best solution is a custom one. Paintable, low-profile, RF-transparent covers can be designed to match the surrounding area, allowing the AP to blend into the background.

Outdoor and Environmental Solutions

For outdoor spaces or environments with specific requirements, such as stadiums or courtyards, APs can be housed in environmental enclosures that protect them from the elements. These can

The Role of Manufacturers

Manufacturers like Oberon have recognised the need for aesthetic integration and offer a range of products that cater to this demand. From recessed mounts to attractive wall fixtures, there are solutions for virtually any venue.


As we continue to integrate technology into our living and working spaces, the importance of aesthetic WiFi AP mounting solutions grows. By considering the design at the outset, architects and designers can create spaces that are both connected and beautiful. Contact ITNET for AP mounting solutions.