FAQ Cisco Meraki Licenses
FAQ Cisco Meraki Licenses

FAQ Cisco Meraki Licenses


Cisco Meraki’s cloud-managed solutions offer a range of licensing options to suit the diverse needs of organizations. This FAQ aims to clarify the different types of Cisco Meraki licenses available and how they can benefit your network management.

What are Cisco Meraki licenses?

Cisco Meraki licenses are subscription-based agreements that grant access to cloud management capabilities and support services for Meraki devices. These licenses are essential for the operation of Meraki products and are available in various types and durations.

Different Types of Cisco Meraki Licenses

Meraki licenses are categorized based on the type of device and the level of functionality required. Here are the common types:

  • Enterprise License: Offers basic management features for Meraki devices, suitable for small to medium-sized deployments.
  • Advanced Security License: Includes all the features of the Enterprise License with additional security features like content filtering, Google SafeSearch, and YouTube for Schools.
  • Systems Manager License: Provides mobile device management capabilities to secure, monitor, and manage end-user devices.
  • MV Security Camera License: Specific to Meraki MV security cameras, this license includes cloud archive capabilities for video storage.

Why do I need a Meraki license?

A valid Meraki license is crucial for accessing the Meraki dashboard, receiving firmware updates, and utilizing technical support to manage your Meraki devices effectively.

How are Meraki licenses structured?

Meraki licenses are structured based on the device type (e.g., access points, switches, security appliances) and the subscription length (e.g., 1-year, 3-year, 5-year). Each device requires its own license.

Can I mix and match different license types?

Yes, Meraki’s co-termination licensing model allows you to combine different license types and durations. The system calculates a single expiration date based on the weighted average of all licenses.

What happens if my Meraki license expires?

If your Meraki license expires, your devices will no longer provide network access. It’s important to renew your license before the expiration date to avoid network disruptions.

How do I renew my Meraki license?

Renew your Meraki license by purchasing a new subscription through Meraki Sales or an authorized Meraki reseller. Have your customer number and device information ready when making the purchase.

Contact ITNET for Licenses or a Demo

If you’re in Luxembourg and interested in purchasing Cisco Meraki licenses or scheduling a demo, please reach out to ITNET. They are a trusted provider with expertise in Cisco solutions and can guide you through the selection and purchase process to ensure you get the licenses that best fit your organization’s needs.


Cisco Meraki licenses are designed to provide flexibility and scalability for your network management needs. Whether you require basic management features or advanced security and device management, there’s a Meraki license that fits your organization’s requirements.

FAQ Cisco Meraki Licenses
FAQ Cisco Meraki Licenses