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At ITNET Luxembourg, we specialise in providing top-notch Wi-Fi services in Luxembourg. Our expertise lies in Wi-Fi design, site surveying, and field engineering, making us your go-to partner for all your wireless networking needs.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Wi-Fi Design & Site Survey: We use state-of-the-art tools like Ekahau for optimal WLAN design from day one.
  • Free Ekahau Demo: Experience the power and potential of Ekahau’s solutions with our live demo.

Why Choose ITNET?

Choosing ITNET means you’re investing in a future-proof wireless network. Our dedicated engineers handle your local networking projects, allowing you to allocate resources seamlessly to any location. We also offer a free trial of the latest wireless technology from our vendor partners Cisco, Aruba, Meraki and Ekahau.

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Ready to upgrade your business without the risk? Get in touch with us or request a demo today. Let’s revolutionise your Wi-Fi network together!


Wireless design in Luxembourg

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Wireless design Luxembourg